On behalf of the Centre for African and International Studies of the University of Cape Coast (CAIS-UCC), I wish to welcome you to our website. The Centre is devoted to quality undergraduate and postgraduate

programmes. It undertakes academic research and provides consultancy services on indigenous knowledge and national and international policies. These place CAIS-UCC at the forefront of helping to respond

to issues affecting Ghana and Africa. Thus, CAIS-UCC is positioned to be your first choice for your academic endeavours on issues about Ghana, Africa and the world.

At CAIS, we offer some exciting courses which ensure a more African-centred perspective in our delivery. The multidisciplinary nature of the courses makes the CAIS attract lecturers from diverse countries and

a wide range of academic backgrounds and interests. The faculty members are able to connect to diverse cultures and ensure that the knowledge offered is place-based. Thus, students connect what they study

in the lecture halls to their experiences for lifelong learning, and enable them fit into the global context.

You are invited to join us to learn and conduct research in a friendly, supportive and student-centred environment with highly qualified staff who have a wealth of local and international experiences. On behalf of

the CAIS, I welcome you once again, to our website. I hope you will find the information useful and feel free to contact us should you have any questions and/or comments.

The Centre for African and International Studies (CAIS) at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, offers an unforgettable and    unique learning experience.

  • The CAIS is the only institution in Ghana, and one of the very few institutions on the African continent, offering undergraduate and graduate programmes in African and International Studies. 


  • The CAIS has friendly, professional and supportive staff with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience in Africa and its Diasporas in America and Britain.  


  • The CAIS offers a wide range of modules including: anthropology, history, politics, gender studies, English, literature, ethno- musicology 



  • The CAIS in Cape Coast, is located very close to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Cape Coast Slave Castle and the Elmina Slave Castle 



To establish the Centre for African and International Studies as the flagship research institution renown for educating students skilled in diplomacy, policy formulation and the design of African solutions to African development challenges.



To provide quality undergraduate and graduate courses in areas of African and International Studies. In addition, to undertake independent and collaborative research into national and international policies within the context of the global economy, to formulate African-based positions and policies in response to issues affecting Ghana specifically, and the African continent generally, and to explore linkages between Africa and the Diaspora..

1. CAIS seeks to have its own dedicated office complex with facilities for teaching, learning, research and conferences.
2. It seeks to hold annual international conferences and seminars, some of which will be income generating.
3. It seeks to establish a specialist library/museum dedicated to the study of African history and culture.

1. The centrality of Africa at the heart of our studies.
2. The importance of a student-centred learning experience.
3. The equality, fairness and respect for all our staff and students.
4. The pursuit of excellence in teaching and research.
5. The pooling of lecturers with a wealth of knowledge and experience on Africa and its Diaspora

1. This is the only course of its kind in Ghana.
2. This is one of the few courses of its kind on the African continent.
3. CAIS at UCC is in close proximity to two of the world's oldest slave castles.
4. Due to increasing globalisation, there is the need to study Africa in this global context.



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